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Sudachi Puree, Frozen / 32oz

Sudachi Puree, Frozen / 32oz

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Sudachi has a spicy, floral aroma of citrus peel, blossom and white pepper. A flavour profile of tart, high acidity, prominent key lime, with notes of cumin and white pepper on the tongue. Originating in Kochi and Mayazaki, Japan the sudachi limes are harvested when they are immature and still green, maximizing their aroma and tart, citrus full-flavour. The Ishihara and Okada families have been tending to their trees for generations and have a personal relationship with their land. Sudachi is an annual crop harvested in the early fall and seasons in this region fluctuate from year to year, greatly impacting the quality of the yield. There is very little manipulation to these trees. Only quality soil, good maintenance practices and nature stand between what is considered a good year or a tougher one. Sudachi in this part of Japan is a widely present commodity, however in Tokyo and throughout the world it is highly prized. Ingredients:  Sudachi Fruit, Water, Cane Sugar. Keep Frozen until ready to use!

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