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Shichimi Togarashi / 16 oz

Shichimi Togarashi / 16 oz

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Shichimi Togarashi, which translates to “seven-flavor spice,” is a traditional Japanese seasoning blend. Shichimi togarashi balances the spicy heat from red chiles with a medley of sweet and savory flavors, including orange zest, nori seaweed and sesame and poppy seeds. Shichimi togarashi is typically used as a condiment, sprinkled over cooked food just before serving, to add a final layer of complex flavor. It is most often used to flavor rice dishes and nabemono (one-pot stews), and noodles like udon. In fact, most udon noodle shops offer customers shichimi togarashi (often their own custom blend) to sprinkle liberally on their noodles while they eat.

Our handcrafted Shichimi Togarashi is a complex combination of spicy, sweet and umami flavors, beginning with a blend of three types of chiles – Bird’s eye chiles for bold heat and Aleppo and aji amarillo chiles for sweeter, fruitier notes. Orange peel gives the blend a citrusy zest, while ginger adds an extra kick. Toasted nori flakes and crunchy sesame seeds offer earthy, savory flavor and added texture.

Add to your favorite Asian rice or noodle dish. Sprinkle of top of deviled eggs as a garnish. Sprinkle over popcorn or French fries. Delicious on grilled pork chops and barbecued meats.

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