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Hibiscus Flower in Rose Syrup / 15 Flowers per Jar

Hibiscus Flower in Rose Syrup / 15 Flowers per Jar

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All natural and deliciously edible hibiscus flowers in a cane sugar syrup. The flowers and the syrup are both ready to use right out of the jar. Each flower is hand packed into the jar to preserve their quality and shape. All of the natural vibrant colour and flavour comes just from the flower.  They are cooked in the jar and vacuum sealed. The whole flower is edible and the flavour has been described as being like mixed berries or a combination of raspberry and rhubarb. The texture is similar to firm lychee or dried cranberries. This limited edition jar has the addition of premium Bulgarian rose oil.

They entire jar is all natural and delicious - both the whole hibiscus flowers and the delicate infused cane sugar syrup from the jar. The classic use for flowers in syrup is to just add bubbly but the applications go above and beyond with the many food and beverages - sweet and savory.  They are fantastic for inspired cocktails and mocktails!

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