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Farro Verde / lb

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Farro Verde is field parched green emmer or Farro Antica. The grain is harvested in a small window ­­while green, before it ripens ­­and must be dried and parched (fire threshed) before it is ready for market. Fire threshing is the oldest form of theshing known to mankind. The harvested green kernels have a milky interior, which is toasted until it hardens. Farro Verde is called many names worldwide, including green emmer, green farro and freekeh. Availability is limited because the window before the grain ripens (its "green' stage) is limited. Farro Verde has a unique smoky flavor and is enjoyed by chefs looking for bold flavors. A beautiful texture when cooked, smoky aroma, finish with some smoked salt to amp up any meal! The aroma in the kitchen is a soft, redolent campfire scent. Brilliant smell, delicious taste!

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