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Green Almonds / lb

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Green Almonds, yes, premature nuts! Available in the early spring for a very brief period. These fuzzy green pods are fully edible, although most people find the shell a bit bitter and don't prefer to eat them. More commonly, the green almonds are cut open like an avocado, then the soft somewhat gelatinous almonds in the centers are popped out and eaten.
The inner flesh of the Green almond, Offers a unique flavor with mild floral and grass like notes, with an overall fruity savor. Similar to an unripe peach!
The inner nut has a delicate creamy outer skin, and is unique in its own way, offering a soft jelly consistency. Somewhat like a lychee. Yet they taste vaguely-almondy!
The young nut taste pairs well with compatible lemony flavors or stone fruit. A myriad of fish entrées and seafood specialties love its complementary accent as well. To store, keep refrigerated up to two weeks.

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